Jog Blogs: Will Turanchik Prepares for His First Race Since Being Sidelined with Injuries

3:30 PM, Feb 15, 2012   |    comments
Will Turanchik is training for his first race since the 2011 Boston Marathon.
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Hi there! My name is Will and I'm excited to join some of DC's great runners contributing to this blog about the USA marathon. I've been blessed with really talented training partners, run friends and so many stories and adventures along the way. I hope the experiences that I'm able to share with you over the next six weeks bring some value to your training or at least a smile to your day!

I'm training for the half marathon after coming off more than a year and a half of injuries. Combining plantar fasciitis with a lingering hamstring injury, I found myself running my second slowest marathon time ever at Boston in 2011. It was more than worth it, though, to cross the finish line where I met my mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law, and I put my finisher's medal on my mom honoring her as a very recent breast cancer survivor. That was a good day.

I needed to get healthy and recover from the plantar fasciitis and strengthen my hamstring. Though I had registered for the Fall 2011 Marine Corp and Philadelphia marathons I decided to pass on both. After some invaluable guidance from Dr. Robert Gillanders at Sports & Spinal Physical Therapy and Dr. Beck at Capitol Rehab I'm finally making some progress. With the patience of my training partner and run friends I'm running the best I've run in a year but I have some hard training ahead in order to perform well. 

Having run eight marathons over the last decade or so, my journey with running has been varied. I ran my first four marathons largely on my own. I was at a time in my life when that was what I needed. I cherished the time to sort life out in my head and discover my initial foray into running. At first it was a lot of work. I remember those agonizing days of making myself run because I had a goal, the New York City Marathon. Somewhere in that process something happened; something clicked-an epiphany of sorts. I found that I wanted to be out on the trail. I discovered something amazing in myself that ultimately changed my life when I embraced the experience of running. Each day it was no longer a burden but a privilege and a joy to be healthy and strong and enjoying the outdoors. 

After four marathons I had taken some time off and just ran for fun: one hundred miles a month with consistency, but no racing. And then I discovered run friends. For me, this was the next frontier of training and embracing the run experience. My next four marathons were supported by gifted training partners who pushed me beyond what I could have achieved on my own. The friendships that I've developed on the track, and through tempo and long runs, are something for which I'm extremely grateful.

Whether you are training on your own or with friends I'd encourage you to find your place in running that allows you to embrace the experience. You are doing something amazing. Keep up the great work.

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