McGinty's Mailbag: Speed Camera, Adoption In Va.

10:47 AM, Feb 10, 2012   |    comments
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(WUSA) -- Alfred from New Carrollton had no sympathy for some residents in Southeast who claim a new Branch Avenue speed camera amounts to a speed trap designed to crush their wallets:

"GIMME A BREAK!! Malcontents need something to kvetch about, try the economy or politics! As for speed cameras, the answer is simple: SLOW DOWN and the problem goes away."

Well, of course you're right, Alfred, as far as it goes. But the residents complain this camera is at the bottom of a hillm which means you get a ticket not for having a lead foot on the gas but for not hitting the brakes long enough. But, of course, we know the city would never put a camera in specific spot to just give out maximum tickets because that would be unfair.

Over on the WUSA 9 Facebook page several of you say a proposed new Virginia law allowing private adoption agencies to refuse to give children to gay couples if it would violate their religious beliefs is unfair.

Deborah C. Porter says:

"...there are so many children looking for a loving home. What does it matter if the couple is the same sex? This really makes me hate living in such a close minded state. Get real Virginia."

And similar sentiments from Dorothy Grim: "Your sexual orientation should have nothing to do with being a good parent. There are children out there in foster care with a mom and dad who are being abused every day... If these children can be given a safe and loving environment to grow up in, who cares if it's with 2 mommies or 2 daddies."

Ladies I'm with you...but there are obviously those who don't see it that way. That's why we have Mcginty's mailbag...the address is

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