McGinty's Mailbag: Man Takes Twitter Followers; Bulbs Phased Out

9:30 AM, Jan 2, 2012   |    comments
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In the Mailbag, there's reaction to the story involving a guy who left his job but took his thousands of Twitter followers with him. Now his old company wants hundreds of thousands of dollars for what they've dubbed a customer list even though the guy had changed his Twitter handle.

Brandie from Maryland says: "...I can't help but think that even though you're working for a company, (followers gained) if you're working under personal contact information, are 'yours.' You (usually) aren't under contract in these businesses and so it isn't quite like you're stealing straight from company clientele. However if you broadcast you're leaving and take other clientele and workers you didn't 'work' to gain, maybe that's a different story."

I tend to agree with you, Brandie, but I wonder what the legal precedents are...or, as is so often the case these days, are we in totally new territory?

And then there was this from our good friend Craig in King George Virginia, reacting to the coming phase-out of incandescant bulbs:

"This incandescent light bulb law tops the list of dumbest Human Congress tricks ever. Incandescent light bulbs are used for calibration standards, incubators, cheap electric fences besides dimmable lighting. Take less energy to make, do not pollute either our dump's or ground water with mercury and are cheap to make using pure natural elements. On top of that, the savings are negligent compared to the pollution threat. Job well done Congress!"

Craig, you do have a point regarding the pollution issue. Those new bulbs do contain mercury and must be disposed of properly, but that can be done.

My question is: Is this like recycling our garbage, which was never going to happen if the local government didn't make everyone do it, or if these new light bulbs are so great would the free market have eventually had most of us switching without Uncle Sam making us do it?

Wondering what you think. Our email address is


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