Redskins On Tony Romo: He's One Of The Best

4:31 PM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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ASHBURN, Va (WUSA) -- I saw a funny tweet Sunday following Tony Romo's career best day: Welcome to Texas where we blame everything on Tony Romo and Barack Obama.

The Cowboys 51-48 loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday was one of the more memorable games in recent NFL history. Romo without a doubt had his best career game -- 506 passing yards and five touchdowns. Here's the thing with Tony Romo: there's always a but. He can never live in peace. Romo's made one mistake, a fourth quarter interception, and it did his Cowboys in.

Statistically, Romo will go down at the best Cowboys quarterback of all-time. Mentally, Romo will forever be remembered by football consumers as a choke artist who could never get the job done. In the NFL, being clutch in the fourth quarter and winning is the only measurement that matters. Ask Ben Roethlisberger. Romo's problem is he's an ambitious playmaker -- for both teams. Forcing throws have jeopardized what could have been an outstanding career.

So what did Redskins think of Romo's performance?

"I wouldn't necessarily call him a choke artist...Even though he threw for 500 yards, it's obviously that one play that makes a difference," said Jarvis Jenkins. "He's a good player but it takes every down to be a great player."

"They looked amazing," said DeAngelo Hall. "I didn't think they were an offense who could keep up with Peyton Manning." Hall later added with a smile: "Dallas and Romo never seem to amaze me."

Romo's former teammate Stephen Bowen is one of his biggest fans.  

"To me Romo is one of the best quarterbacks in the league," said Bowen. "He's very elusive. He senses when someone is on his back shoulder. He's an improviser."

And Ryan Kerrigan added something very intriguing to me. He articulately described why blitzing Romo is completely different than most quarterbacks. 

"When you do run blitzes on Romo, it has to be in the right situation. You really have to execute it well...and not show it pre-snap. Because he's the kind of guy when he senses the pre-snap blitz, he drifts away from it. So you have to disguise your blitzes well."

The Redskins respect Tony Romo. And they know the pressure will be back on the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Especially in front of America on Sunday Night Football. 

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