Dodgers fan death: Suspect's cellmate speaks out

10:05 AM, Sep 30, 2013   |    comments
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LODI, Calif. (KXTV) -- A day after his release from jail, the man accused of stabbing a Los Angeles Dodgers fan to death stayed out of the spotlight, but others are speaking out.

Police took 21-year-old Michael Montgomery into custody earlier this week in connection with the stabbing death of 24-year-old Jonathan Denver.

Investigators call it a case of the Giants-Dodgers rivalry getting out of control. But Friday night, Montgomery was released as the district attorney decides whether to file charges.

Investigators plan to conduct more interviews and review more evidence. Saturday Denver's father signaled plans to make a public call asking any witnesses of the stabbing to come forward.

Montgomery has not spoken publicly about the incident since his release, and there was no sign of the young man at the Lodi bakery he lists on social media as his workplace. No one answered the door at his mother's home, where a sign read, "No Solicitors." Montgomery's father, Marty Montgomery, said he believes his son acted in self-defense, but was in no mood to talk to reporters at his Lodi home.

One of the few people who is talking is Montgomery's former cellmate, who was also recently released from jail.

"I was in the cell with him for a short period, and he told his story a little bit," Keisar Betancourt said.

Betancourt told reporters that before he met Montgomery he was unfamiliar with the details of the case. He soon learned his cellmate was accused of stabbing to death 24-year-old Los Angeles Dodgers fan Jonathan Denver Wednesday night, a few blocks from the Giants' ballpark after two groups of opposing fans exchanged heated words.

"He said basically that it was just a typical kind of riot situation that might happen at a sporting event, and he was severely outnumbered and had to defend himself," Betancourt recalled.

Asked about Montgomery's emotional state behind bars, Betancourt described his cellmate as calm and together.

"He seemed very confident that he was, you know, doing self defense and that he'd be coming through it okay," Betancourt said.

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